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SOS: Colombian Amazon

Sat, June 20, 2020 (4:00 pm - 10:05 pm)


Join us for an intentional effort to fundraise and support the Colombian Amazon and protect the indigenous people from Covid-19 devastation


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The teachings of our Indigenous groups are woven in the fabric of the lands we live on.

During this time of Great Change, indigenous leaders around the world have been continuing to connect with the land and hold the space as we shift.  They are the gatekeepers, the wisdom holders and they need our help to continue doing this important work. 

In 2020, we have the support for a powerful & positive collective shift. Global Assembly is an innovator of change- a reciprocity movement to amplify the voices and wisdom of the indigenous communities that protect our lands. They are our greatest ally in preserving the last intact forests on earth and a vital force in tackling the climate crisis.


Short Term: The peak of COVID-19 threatens the survival of the indigenous people of the Colombian Amazon at the mercy of limited transport, access, and supplies.

We are raising funds to purchase care packages that will supply families of 4-6 people with food for a period of 2 weeks to get them through the peak of COVID-19. We are also seeking contributions in the form of Personal Protective Equipment, such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

Long Term: Make a sustainable impact to support ecotourism to learn more about the land, culture and people.


On Saturday June 20th, Akasha partners with OPIAC, Cacao Laboratory, Metta U, Gospel, Black Vitriol, & Sheik n’ Beik for a 6 hour Global Assembly to raise awareness and provide relief. In this live virtual broadcast, the wisdom and voices of Indigenous communities of the Colombian Amazon will be directly presented by their leaders, alongside partners from all over the world who will share wellness practices and musical performances.


Please share this event to help raise awareness to help support our  indigenous brothers and sisters.





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Saturday, June 20, 2020

4:00 pm - 10:05 pm

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